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  Surgical instruments database
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  Name of surgical instrument
Sponge Holder (Rampleys)
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    Also known as Rampleys. Typically used to attach a swab for prepping the operative site, as a swab on a stick during deep dissection, may be used as an instrument in it's own right during thoracic surgery to grasp lung tissue.

Babcock Tissue Forceps
Czerny Retractor
Debakey Non Toothed Forceps
Diathermy Forceps
Lane's Tissue Forceps
Littlewoods Forceps
McIndoes Dissecting Scissors
Monopolar Diathermy
Mosquito Forceps Curved
Mosquito Forceps Straight (Criles Artery Forceps)
Needle Holder
Retractor - Kelly Retractor
Retractor - Langenbeck Retractor
Retractor - Morris Retractor
Retractor - Norfolk and Norwich
Retractor - St Mark's Retractor
Retractor - Travers Retractor (Self retainer)
Retractor - West Retractor (Self retainer)
Scalpel/Scalpel handel
Sponge Holder (Rampleys)
Toothed Forceps
Towel clips
Volkman Scoop (Curette)
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